How To Tips & FAQ's from AABCO Refrigeration in Serving All of Monmouth, Ocean & Atlantic Counties

Where is the best place to set the dial on my refrigerator ?
A: Both dials should be set at the halfway point or on digital display refrigerators 38 degrees Fahrenheit on the refrigerator and 0° Fahrenheit in the freezer. This is the most common Factory and industry standard temperature setting. 0 degrees F in a freezer will keep ice cream at a perfect hardness. Having a freezer too cold will cause freezer burn. Setting a refrigerator colder than 38 degrees Fahrenheit will simply waste electricity and possibly freeze some of your food.

After a repair or an outage if I turn my refrigerator dial to maximum will it get colder faster ?
A: No a thermostat is not a gas pedal simply set your dial halfway and let the unit run overnight.

If my food is spoiling quickly should I turn up the dial of my refrigerator ?
A: If your refrigerator cannot maintain temperature with the dial set halfway it has a mechanical problem and will
simply get worse by maxing out the dial.

My refrigerator is not cooling no light working and no signs of anything running ?
A: Most likely there is no electricity to the refrigerator. Check the outlet that it is plugged into with a lamp ect. If there is power to the outlet the refrigerator has an internal problem and a technician should be called. A built-in refrigerator such as a Sub-Zero should never be pulled out from the wall as all the Mechanicals are accessible from the front where a technician can check for power without pulling it out. If no power is found at the outlet check your circuit breaker box and all GFCI outlets in your house. Keep in mind a GFCI outlet across the house can control an outlet in your kitchen. If nothing else on your refrigerators electrical line made the breaker trip then the cause was from the refrigerator and a technician should be called.

Should I leave the refrigerator in my vacation home running all winter ?
A: Let's go over some pros and cons. Here's the pros of turning off your refrigerator and leaving the doors wide open all winter:

1 Saving electricity

2 If the fridge were to break down when you weren't home a domino effect of other problems could result, especially if the cooling system failed with the doors shut and the inside fan was still running making the food compartment very hot and putrid.

3 A refrigerator constantly produces condensation when it runs so leaving it turned off will cause less corrosion to the internal parts to occur.


In salt air environments, the evaporator fan can lock up from corrosion if left turned off for months at a time.
In conclusion the best answer would be to leave the refrigerator turned off with the doors wide open during the off-season and if located by the ocean or bay have a neighbor or property manager run the refrigerator once a month to keep the fans from sticking.

My garage refrigerator will work fine in warm weather but in winter the freezer section of it will get warm and defrost all the food.
A: The cold control AKA thermostat of most refrigerators is located within the refrigerator compartment. If the temperature of the garage is 40°Fahrenheit, the cold control will never turn the compressor on and provide cooling for the freezer section. There are refrigerators specially designed for garage use that have two separate cold controls for the freezer and refrigerator.

How often does a refrigerator need a Freon recharge.
A: Never, the freon system of a refrigerator is constructed entirely of metal tubing and welded shut from the factory. If if your refrigerator is in need of freon it means there is a hole in the system.

My refrigerator is not getting cold does that mean it needs freon?
A: There are many causes of non cooling problems in refrigerators nine times out of 10 Freon is not one of them.

My refrigerator is not getting cold can you tell me what's wrong with it over the phone?
A: At AABCO REFRIGERATION we try our best to troubleshoot and solve any issue you may have over the phone without having to send out a technician. Please keep in mind that a refrigerator is a complex machine no different than a car and some mechanical problems will require a hands on diagnosis.