Preventative Maintenance Serving All of Monmouth, Ocean & Atlantic Counties

AABCO Refrigeration offers annual preventative maintenance visits. These visits include:
10 Point Inspection
Condenser Cleaning
Draining Cleaning
We also teach our customers good practice to ensure the longevity of your refrigerator. here are some simple tech tips:
Before & After - Refrigerator Repair in Margate City, NJ

Clean Condenser

The condenser of a refrigerator should be vacuumed every 6 months and deep cleaned by a professional every few years depending on conditions. If vacuum condenser pops up on your sub zero's display steadily illuminated simply vacuum and reset. If vacuum condenser flashing occurs, it means the computer has detected a fault in the refrigeration system and technician should be called as soon as possible to avoid mechanical damage.

Door Care

Avoid putting heavy items in the shelves of the doors. More weight on the door equals faster wear and tear on the hinges. Also, it will make the frame of the door bend and sag over time causing it to not close properly. Keep the seals clean. Wipe your door gaskets and food compartment with soap and water to avoid having the rubber get sticky and rip apart when the door is opened.
Woman Cleaning the Refrigerator - Refrigerator Maintenance

Ice Maker Care

Always dump your ice after an extended power outage. If your refrigerator has an ice dispenser, an outage can cause the ice to melt and fuse together which can jam or break the motor. Turn your ice maker off during vacation. On rare occasions, ice maker failures have caused over heating and flooding.
Avoid thin ice. If your ice maker is producing thin slivers of ice, it means your water filter is clogged or the supply from your plumbing is restricted. Small cubes can get stuck in the blades of the ice maker and cause further damage so turn it off and call a technician.
For more tips on how to keep your refrigerator in working order, please call AABCO Refrigeration at (800) 798 1589.